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If you want assistance with a program or project in the human resources area that you'd rather accomplish without hiring a regular employee, Bucklin Human and Administrative Resources will work with you to determine the most cost effective solution to your needs.

Do you want to improve your organization but are uncertain of where to start? Talk to us about the Bucklin Human Resources Policy Assessment Tool that reviews your organization's current status. Call (401) 885-3569 to receive a FREE comprehensive manual audit and summary of recommendations.

Service plans:

  • Hourly rates are determined by complexity of assignment.  Non-profit rates are available.
  • Project-oriented:  Services are priced per project, based on complexity and estimated length of time
    • Policy & Procedure Manual
    • Employee Handbook
    • Recruiting/Hiring
    • Job Descriptions
    • Human Resource Retainer
  • Packaged:  Services are combined into packages and priced accordingly
    • Package 1 – Policy & Procedure Manual and Employee Handbook
    • Package 2 – Package 1 plus Job Descriptions
    • Package 3 – Package 2 plus Recruiting/Hiring assistance
  • Retainer:  Services are contracted on a regular basis, at an hourly rate

Contact Renee Bucklin at Bucklin Human and Administrative Resources to discuss your needs and package pricing.  401-885-3569 or info@bucklinhr.com.



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